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from Prehistory to the Present Day

1 Prehistory to the Middle Ages

Scattered dwellings

Several stone shelters have been identified at Fleurey near the river, including Morcueil and Le Moulin.The Sphinx shelter shows traces of occupation from the Middle Stone Age (8000 BC – 5000 BC).

Groups of tumuli have been located on the limestone plateaux : Roches d'Orgères, Suzâne and Suzard plains (2300 BC – 400 BC). These traces of burial grounds confirm the existence of an ancient dwelling-place on high ground, away from the valley and the risk of flooding. Its elevated position also ensured that its occupants could keep watch on the communicaton axes. Two ancient pathways have been identified on the territory. One of them follows the streets of Velars and the Rue de Morcueil as far as Mâlain ; the other, leading from the line of hills ( Arrière Côte), crosses the Ouche river in the direction of the Seine.

II VIIth to XIIth Centuries

Various inhabited areas

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